Storyteller Appreciation Day

Storytelling – it’s not an easy job and it’s not always a very positive one, it’s impossible to please everyone though. But they try anyway and we have to love them for it. Most Storytellers put a stupid amount of…

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Contracts of Eternal Spring 1 – Addenda teaser

[ 1 ]   Gift Of Warm Breath   ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 151 ) The character’s power rejuvenates a single living target, filling the target with energy and vigorous life. Success: The Contract’s subject gains energy. He…

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Scotland Domain Downtimes and Game Reminders

Hello all! This is a reminder that the games are on the 4th weekend (22nd August for Lost/Forsaken/Awakening) and the Tuesday after (25th August for Requiem). Downtimes for Requiem are due this coming Tuesday (11th August), with the others due…

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