[Lost] Early draft of the Free Press special edition leaked to Whispernet

Assault halted at Bude and Tintagel. Much territory lost to the Lords of Light At 6am on Sunday 07 August, the Lords of Light assaulted three beaches along the coastline of Cornwall. They also attempted to make landfall at Newquay…

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Setting Focus: The Guild of Goldspinners

Changelings are no strangers to money, leprachauns, rumplestiltskin, dragons. Gold is a common theme in the realm of arcadia, and nobody within the realms of the Free Lost do it better than the Goldspinners. We have a number of players…

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Let’s post about the Barons Boast

By Precis for the Free Press. OOC: This document relates to the game for Saturday night at the IOD Winter National 2016. We’ve all heard the advert on Radio Free Fae, but what do we know about this entitlement calling…

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Dreams of Teaching

New DT Action: Craft a teaching dream Extended action: Intelligence + Empathy + Wyrd. For each five successes you get in an action you create one teaching dream. You may not use Good Time Management, the Drudge Blessing, or Brownie’s…

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Lost – National Premise Saturday Night

*An advert carried by Radio Free Fae nationwide*   The nights are long, the wind bites and the rain is bitterly cold. So come and join us for a night of boasting and adventure around a roaring fireplace.   My…

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Scotland Domain Timetable 2016

Hello! Please find the timetable for the Scotland Domain games for 2016 (and some big National Events too). These *shouldn’t* change now, and if they do, it’s because of exceptional circumstances from the Venue we use. January: 23rd + 26th…

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Now seeking: aGST Lost Addenda

Obi style belts were popular recently when Memoirs of a Geisha took the world by storm, but chances are they’ll died out for just a bit. This season both designers and retailers have revived the overall look. They are frequently…

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Storyteller Appreciation Day

Storytelling – it’s not an easy job and it’s not always a very positive one, it’s impossible to please everyone though. But they try anyway and we have to love them for it. Most Storytellers put a stupid amount of…

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Contracts of Eternal Spring 1 – Addenda teaser

[ 1 ]   Gift Of Warm Breath   ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 151 ) The character’s power rejuvenates a single living target, filling the target with energy and vigorous life. Success: The Contract’s subject gains energy. He…

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