London Awakening Settings Guide

ST: Alistair Grove, assisted by Mike Horton



The Pentacle and the Seers have been involved in a very cold war of influence and plot since forever. The Seers definitely have the upper hand and have been slowly but surely grounding away at the Pentacle’s holdings and resources, but the extremely traditional and hidebound Diamond leadership have continued to play the same cautious game of observation, move and maybe countermove. Of course, the Free Council and even some of the new Diamond mages are more dynamic, but alas they lack the resources of the Powers That Be to do anything really substantial.

As one of the central conflicts is the Old versus the New, all the major positions in the Consilium will be held will be help by Diamond NPCs, unless a PC has a really good background and wants one of these positions. However, this is of course open to change as the campaign progresses. The PCs will thus be assigned most of the grunt work, when they’re not jockeying for power at home.

Character wise, the game will mostly be catering for investigators and social maneuverers. Violence will be a last resort is most cases and those who rely on it too heavily will have difficulties, though of course it will have its place. However, precise use of force at the precise moment can have dramatic effects, so the trick for the more combative PCs is to know when to strike for best effect.



The overall theme is one of mystery, both supernatural and conspiracies. What caused the events, was it the work of the Seers or some other unseen player, or is all this just the work of mortals? There will be plenty of plot threads for players to chase up, lost treasures to uncover and the occasional burst of action. Not necessarily violence, but certainly excitement, rooftop chases, spelunking in the lost catacombs of London, maybe even a bit of breaking and entry to a Seer stronghold. Whatever the players require.

In addition to mystery, there’s Intrigue. Anywhere in the halls of power, whether Supernal or Mundane, plots are being hatched and plans are being conspired. Do the players join the ranks of the political, friend and foe alike, to play them at their own game? Or do they take the bolder stance and try to change the rules as they see fit?

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