London Forsaken Settings Guide

ST: Matt Keymer


“The King is dead. Yet his legacy remains. I am John Cooper known to the Uratha as  The Even Handed. It is the legacy of Peacebringer that I, my pack and the Uratha of London will preserve.

Not for us to descend in to anarchy, not for us to fall to foulness. Together we are strong, Anshega and Urdaga. Together we will preserve the peace fought for so hard, and with the boon of Harold’s Legacy we will survive and grow stronger.”

– The Even Handed, Alpha of The Imperial Pack, Keeper of Harold’s Legacy



The Place

The Physical London

 Key themes:

♦    London is big, London as a city is enormous. Packs of werewolves are not. Consequently it is expected that werewolf territory will be limited in size.

♦    London has a history, it is an old city with layers and layers of history piled on top of each other hiding secrets and truths from each other.

♦    London is an urban jungle. 20+ million people live in Greater London piled high on top of each other mixing and segregating alike. It is pretty chaotic to survive in as a normal human.


The Shadow London

♦    It is a Jungle out there, Werewolves can’t police the whole. Spirit ecology is as diverse as fauna and flora jungle, and just as dangerous for the unwary. It is a brave, foolhardy or powerful Werewolves that remains outside any policed territory for an extended period in the Shadow.

♦    The Jungle is neutral, The Shadow denizens don’t care if you are Pure or Forsaken they treat intruders the same.

♦    Spirits have territory. Powerful spirits have carved out their own kingdoms in the Shadow, Like the Ripper in Whitechapel or Nelson in Trafalgar square.

♦    There are dark places hidden in the jungles depths, wounds and forgotten things. They keep to themselves… mostly.

♦    Undergound stations will be used to determine a central theme for an area.


The People

♦     There are multiple packs in London, each with their own defined territory.

♦    There will be the PC packs.

♦    There will be at least 2 pure packs.

♦    There will be most likely 2-3 other Forsaken Packs.

♦    There is the Imperial Pack.


♦    All the Packs with the exception of the Imperial Pack will be balanced against the Player packs. The Imperial pack will be unfairly more powerful.


♦    It is strongly encouraged that all PC’s are part of a Pack. This section will be expanded on once the Player packs are decided.



The Court

♦    London is a Formal court structure, where words and deeds count for far more than facts. All the above packs are protected by this structure but all the above packs will have their own agendas.

♦    It is expected that the Formal court structure will be a place to air grievances and arbitrate disputes (usually by Elodoth)  under the watchful eye of the Imperial Pack. The court is place for social one gunmanship and shouting about your deeds. Branding the worthy publicly, in fact to do otherwise implies that the deed was not honourably won. The Pure do not use the court to perform their branding.

♦    The Imperial Pack will also often grant out the Boon of Harold’s Legacy to the Pack that has proven itself most worthy. Packs are encouraged to want this as it will be very useful.

♦    Formal duels will also be resolved at the Court, if a peaceful solution can not be found then a representative (most often a Rahu) can duel a representative from another Pack to prove their case. Caution should be exercised in over using this right as it is the Imperial packs right to replace any challenged party with their Champion.

♦    There is also a tradition of weregelt as a method of appeasement.

♦    The acknowledged Pure packs are part of the Court and as such have the same rights as any Forsaken pack. They are expected to behave in the same manner as the other packs.


Harold’s Legacy

Harold’s Legacy is basically an additional totem spirit that can be used by a Pack. It will be of significant power. Most likely grant additional essence, willpower and skill dots. It may also have some gifts. It’s exact mechanics are still being reviewed. The Legacy will currently only be usable within the London Domain.



Wolfblooded are treated no worse or better than any other human. The exception are those that have been formally accepted by the Court. These few are the exception they are treated like Uratha, with responsibilities and rights the same. Be warned.


It is required that any PC wolf blooded fall under the protection of a Pack, most likely a PC Forsaken Pack.


Expected Player activity

It is expected that there will be a blend of PvP and PvE conflict in the game.

PvP conflict

It is expected to be competition to obtain Harold legacy and actions into other PC’s territory. The hope here is that the vast majority of this will be resolved in a social manner in the court.

PvE conflict

This will be both competition against other NPC packs (including the Pure) and conflict against the jungle.

There is also expected to be a need to cover up actions by Uratha from humans. In your territory it is your responsibility, outside your territory it is everyone’s responsibility.


Character roles


♦    Rahu: It is dangerous out in the wilds who better to protect your pack? You are the master of combat who better to fight the duel?

♦    Cahalith:  Your words inspire, your tales impart wisdom, who better to shout the brilliance of your pack to the Court? Who better to keep your pack from madness when the Jungle closes in?

♦    Elodoth: You are the master of the Court, the reader of people and spirits, who better to make your packs case for the Legacy? Who better to challenge falsehood? Who better to make deals in the deep jungle?

♦    Itheur: You are the wise, the knowledgeable, Who better to discern the path given by the Imperial Pack? Who better to find and understand that forgotten knowledge buried in the jungle?

♦    Irraka You are the scout, the spy, the assassin. Who better to creep into another’s territory and find their dirty secrets? Who better to slink through the Jungle unseen?




Other things in the dark.

The most common things that are general knowledge as a problem in London are:

♦    The Beshilu: An urban jungle is full of rats, they are a known quantity and mostly a nuisance.

♦    The Pigeon Sprits: Urban jungle is teeming with these vermin, They are one of the most persistent threats to London and should be cleansed where ever found. Unlike the Beshilu they are not contained and unlike the Beshilu they do not weaken the gauntlet instead their dropping taint the essence of an area leading to a wound if unchecked. They have only become a issue over the last 100 years but were born out the pollution of the industrial revolution.

♦    Humans: They meddle don’t they?



I hope to run an active game with a counterpoint of one-upmanship and politics. There will be some monster of the week plot but not every week (I hope!). Most premises will be around a gathering a the Court to do the politics and find out what deeds the Imperial Pack deems worth to gain the Legacy

Before we start I would like to speak with both the packs to understand you and your territory and individuals to understand your characters. I will be making suggestions to make packs and character fit my initial vision of the game world however once we start I encourage players to flesh out portions of the world to me as a narrative. I encourage players to suggest things to me that I can flesh out. Don’t be afraid if I then ask you to run that narrative for others.

As I stated above in the People section the world will not be entirely balanced. If a group picks a fight with the imperial pack or one of the Leaders of a spirit kingdom your will (extremely likely) lose.

There will be a series of plot arcs over 20 or so sessions.





♦    Game of thrones (what isn’t these days)

♦    Legend of the Five Rings (very heavily)

♦    A number of Vietnam films

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