Now seeking: aGST Lost Addenda

Now seeking: aGST Lost Addenda

This position would suit somebody with a strong mechanics based game mindset, or somebody who enjoys game design.

Might suit a new player or somebody who isn’t strong as an ST to become involved making our shared chronicle.

Training will be provided where necessary.

Immediate Project:

– Working with the GST to finish the missing chapters of the Lost Addenda.


  • Advising on rules queries as they come up.
  • Assisting at National events as a floor ST.
  • Updating and maintaining the Addenda documentation.
  • Testing the website when rules are translated to code.

Necessary skills:

  • Google docs.
  • Team work.
  • Good working knowledge of the Universal and Lost rules.
  • Patience.

Not needed:

  • Strong English (we have proof-checkers for that).
  • Previous knowledge of the addenda for the old chronicle.

Please send a suitable application of interest and an example of one rule from the current addenda that you would change, and a proposed addenda addition that you would make to

Thank you

Bob Faulkner
GST Lost