NC Blog – May 2016

As I hope you have seen, I released a report on volunteering in the IoD last week.

The findings from the volunteer surveys I released in December 2015 were very interesting, so thank you to everyone that responded.  Some of the feedback was heart-warming – such as the genuine desire on the part of volunteers to create good games, organise great events, and see everyone have a good time – and some of it was less so.  What struck me most was the human need for appreciation and thanks, which respondents expressed throughout.  ‘Thank-yous’ are free, and mean the earth to the recipient.  It’s certainly made me think about how grateful I feel for larping, the Society, and its volunteers, and how often I do or don’t express that.

I’ve tried to reflect the findings in a fair and balanced way in the report, and can appreciate that the results may be seen as controversial by some.  This is not a witch hunt, however, or a guilt trip; I’m just trying to take steps to live up to what I said I would do at the start, which is try to improve the situation for our volunteers. 

I’m also trying to start a conversation.  What can we do as a society to create a culture of appreciation and gratitude, and to maintain a society that people feel really good about?

I’d be genuinely interested to hear your feedback on the report, so please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.  With all respect to everyone, I did not write the report for it to be ignored or disregarded.  I want to make, and see, concrete changes.  I’ve had some great feedback already, but I guess my OOC vice is Greed – I want more!  There’s so much good we could do.  Let’s all make it happen!

In other news, the Requiem weekender happened last weekend, and by all accounts, it was a great event.  The grounds, I have been informed, were delightful, and I have to say, judging by the pictures people have been posting on G+, I agree 100%!  Nice one, Caroline!  And attendees have all said how much they enjoyed the games, so a big thank you to all the STs, NPCs, and everyone involved.  Our events involve a lot of work and commitment, and I am so pleased it went well for everyone.  I look forward to seeing further pics!

I’d also like to remind you all that the GM election ends shortly, so please get your votes to me as soon as you can.  Your candidates are Dan Trodden and Amy Partridge-Hicks, and RON.  Application details are available on the old lists, so if you haven’t already voted, please refer back and make your decision.

The new lists come into effect on 12 May, so please make sure you have signed up for them.  Contact ANC Comms if you have any queries.

Much love to you all. xxx


  • I loved the report. One thing I did wonder about is when people say they feel they’re given unrealistic turn around times as STs; what kind of time frame do we mean here? As an ST I’ve never felt people to have unrealistic expectations of turn around. But as a player I’ve waited months many a time for a reply that’s just never come, too afraid to say thing out of fear that I’d be badgering them. These days I’ve taken to prodding things once a month, or if it’s very over due every fortnight or three weeks. But while it sucks that STs get bothered I think it also really sucks when STs just don’t answer things; we need a system in place for players to be able to tactfully remind/ask STs about things. Perhaps a time line where it’s okay to ask (for instance, allow 1 month for GST replies?) or something a player can do when people just don’t answer.

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