NC Blog – November 2015

Hello everyone!

Well, that’s November almost over and done with, and it’s been a busy first month for me as NC.  The ANC elections were my starting point, and in case you were not already aware, the successful applicants were:

C&C: Malcolm Campbell (with much thanks and gratitude to Jason Walter, who decided to vacate the post, for all his hard work as ANC C&C), who is due to commence in post on 10 December

Events: Caroline Feltham

Membership: Daniel Trodden

Treasurer: Andrew Porter

I hope you’ll all join me in wishing the ANC team all the very best as they take, or retake, their posts!  I’m always blown away by people volunteering, as it’s such a generous thing to do, and I am very appreciative of people’s willingness to get stuck in with the tasks at hand.

The Recruitment and Retention post remains vacant, and I will be keeping this open indefinitely, until the position is filled.  In fact, I am hoping to have two assistants, one in the north and one in the south, to cover both sectors to the best extent.  This is a really interesting opportunity for people with creative minds and a little time to spare for the IoD.  It will mainly involve designing advertising materials and looking at sources of recruiting more members; I’d also like your input in how to retain both long standing members and newbies.  I’d throw my support behind you, so you’d have backup when you needed it.  If you’re interested, contact me via

On the subject of further recruitment, Caroline has requested some assistance with Events, and I support this request, so we would like to recruit 2 ANC Events Assistants, ideally, once again, one in the north (preferably Scotland) and one in the south.  Assistance will be particularly focused on Lost and Forsaken weekenders.  The duties of the successful applicants (stated by Caroline and agreed by me) would be:

  • Visit identified venues to check suitability, take photos and make floor plans
  • Help ANC Events organize teams of volunteers to help out at events with specific focus on covering the Forsaken games.
  •  Help with sign in and room allocation at events
  •  Act as a second pair of eyes to ensure rules are adhered to over the events, and either step in to reassert the rules of the event/venue or fetch ANC Events to take over as required.
  • Act as lead C-Chain at events. At Nationals this will be shared between ANC Events and the two assistant roles. At Lost and Forsaken Weekenders this will be the responsibility of the assistant post holder for that Genre.

Once again, I will be lending my support to the successful applicants, so if this sounds like something you’d be up for, send me an email at the address listed above so we can discuss this further.

The Forsaken weekender (October 2016) has had a change of venue, to Grendon Lakes in Northamptonshire, and the new venue looks utterly gorgeous, so well done Caroline for finding it!  I can’t wait to see how the stunning lakes setting informs play!

In other news, I’ve had a really good response to the Equality and Diversity panel, with many volunteers getting involved.  It was gratifying to see the idea embraced with enthusiasm by so many, and I’m really glad it’s in place.  We are currently discussing how to create a diverse cast of NPCs.  Anyone with an interest in equality and diversity is welcome to join the panel – there is no closing date for entry, and the more, the merrier!

Right, I think that’s everything for this month.  The next blog will probably be a little early, probably, to accommodate Christmas.

Love and best wishes


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