A hopefully more explanatory post

So last time I detailed some background thoughts to how Cambridgeshire as a local game would be set up in background and I guess I went into far too much detail pretty fast and very “background-y”.

So I think I should probably start a bit of what I intend the game to be like rather than dull background.

The intention is to run a game based on Exploration and Investigation.

Exploration – this will mostly be hedge based but also the act of coming to a new town and discovery of it and its people.
My inspirations here are westerns, castaway dramas, and pulp jungle films.

Investigation – This will be a mix of good old fashioned police work and a good dollop of occult mystery investigation as you (if you are interested) try to piece together what happened to the old barony and its people.

I wanted something new and fresh for characters to be able to set themselves up in without having to know the intricacies of the local barony and its NPCs a way of putting everyone in the same boat binding the PCs together with a common cause and well I can’t give people a desert island but I can give you a new wild frontier its just that the wild frontier looks like a university town to normal folk.

That said I wanted there to be a wider political aspect to the game I want there to be NPCs to go to for support or to hold larger socials like winter markets or Ashen Runs etc. I want there to be stuffy spring courtiers as well as decadent ones winter courtiers who won’t say boo to a goose and ones that would knife you in the back if it meant they got away safely.
And for this reason I have the two other baronies Huntingdon is the courtly one with rules upon rules and Ely is the more player character friendly one a support hub of useful NPCs – each with its intrigues if you want them.

(As an aside I had a ramble planned about an old drama teacher of mine and two extended lessons we did which were awesome and which to me inform this idea a bit.
One had us form small groups which would be wagons in a western style wagon train of colonists we each had to think of our valued skill etc and deal with hardships she had us come across.

The other was as a ship wrecked party trying to survive until rescue.
Making shelter and exploring for food etc.)

Hopefully this achieved its goal of being a bit more friendly and less detail driven.

Obviously as a key driver of the game will be discovery future posts are likely to concentrate on the NPC baronies so as to keep the rest a bit secret so you can discover things in game.

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