Addenda Blog: Kiths and Seemings

I should start with something like approved book lists and character ages and more basic , but I thought to whet the appetite of the IOD community that I would start with Kiths and Seemings.


I’ve had some calls to reduce the Darkling curse. It is my current intention not to unless people can provide a very good reason as the curse is very thematic, and I don’t want to tinker with core mechanics too much.

Similarly I’ve been asked to slightly nerf Fairest, but I don’t intend to unless sufficiently convinced.

Elementals may not be made of Iron.


I’ve had some feedback on kiths, here’s the list we put out in the reset document for reference:

Removed from Play



Genre Approval

  • Coyote
  • Nix
  • Illes
  • Pisacha
  • Skogskra
  • Apsaras
  • Ask-weed-ah-eed
  • Di-Cang
  • Gandharva
  • Weiss Frau
  • Daitya
  • Oni
  • Troll
  • Padmarindo
  • Thusser


  • Broadback
  • Cleareyes
  • Coldscale
  • Chimera
  • Hunterheart
  • Riddleseeker
  • Roteater
  • Runnerswift
  • Steepscrambler
  • Swimmerskin
  • Truefriend
  • Riddleseeker
  • Skitterskulk
  • Venombite
  • Windwing


  • Antiquarians
  • Gravewight
  • Leechfinger
  • Lurkglider
  • Mirrorskin
  • Moonborn
  • Nightsinger
  • Palewraith
  • Tunnelgrub


  • Airtouched
  • Blightbent
  • Earthbones
  • Fireheart
  • Levinquick
  • Manikin
  • Metalflesh
  • Sandharrowed
  • Snowskin
  • Waterborn
  • Woodblood


  • Bright One
  • Dancer
  • Draconic
  • Flamesiren
  • Flowering
  • Muse
  • Playmate
  • Polychromatic
  • Telluric
  • Treasured


  • Bloodbrute
  • Corpsegrinder
  • Cyclopean
  • Farwalker
  • Gargantuan
  • Gristlegrinder
  • Render
  • Stonebones
  • Water-Dweller
  • Witchtooth


  • Artist
  • Author
  • Brewer
  • Chatelaine
  • Chirurgeon
  • Drudge
  • Gameplayer
  • Gremlin
  • Inventor
  • Miner
  • Oracle
  • Smith
  • Soldier
  • Woodwalker

Kith Approvals

For an explanation of the ‘Removed from play’ and ‘Genre Approvals’ please see the reset documentation

It’s been pointed out to me that this list is missing a couple of things, firstly we will not be adding the Lurker to the kith list. The feeling in the reset team was that this kith was too close in flavour to the Dancer and the Larcenist, strictly more powerful, but didn’t add anything in terms of narrative hooks. As it’s from a fringe book that isn’t part of our core canon (Victorian Lost) we reserve the right not to bring it in.

This brings me to point 2 on my list to cover, Larcenist is missing from this list, and will be added at Local approval.


Larcenist in, Lurker out.


Developed Dual-Kith will not be Character Creation only, and will be a 3 dot merit. Buying a Dual-Kith with experience, requires a Genre approval. The rationale for this is that Dual-Kith is a very powerful merit, for balance it is Character Creation only, but Changeling is one of those games about change, so I don’t want to exclude the possibility a character might change in play.

Inherent Dual-Kith which will be Character Creation only, will cost 2 merit dot for in-seeming and 3 merit dots for out-of-seeming and must be bought from your starting merit dots.

Inherent Dual-Kith is Local approval, but your STs are going to be strongly encouraged to think long and hard about saying yes to things, especially dual-kiths that involve kiths that are perceived to be stronger than others (and guidance is/will be provided to them).

Genre Approval – Gain Dual Kith in Play (3 dots)

Local Approval – Buy In-Seeming Dual Kith with starting dots (2 dots), Buy Out-Of-Seeming Dual Kith with starting dots (3 dots)

Specific Kiths

From the old addenda:

Artists and Minstrels no longer need a rules update so that will be removed.

Brewer – Works as written on Mooks. NPCs and Players should get a roll on Stamina + Resolve penalised by the difference between health and potency to resist falling unconcious.

Nightsinger – Reference to Performance, should be the skill expression but only applied when the player is giving a singing performance.

Di-Cang, Levinquick and Palewraith – These are not really addenda notes and will be moved to the FAQ instead

Razorhand – This may be used with Brawl or Weaponry skill but may only be used with the light weaponry fighting style.

Pisacha/Moonborn – Using the kith blessing is a level 3 clarity sin. It is not a clarity sin to receive a temporary derangement from this blessing.

From the reset document:

Venombite – I’m just checking the universal venom rules, however every success on a Stamina+Resolve roll by the victim will reduce the toxicity of the poison by 1. As per the reset document.

Update to make certain kiths playable:

Witchtooth – replace their kith blessing with: When applying a Pishogue to a broken pledge, the Witchtooth gets a +3 bonus on the contract activation, Witchtooth apply lesser curse sanction as medial and medial curse sanctions as greater, when using Fickle Fate the penalty applied is -3, instead of -2. The Witchtooth may also spend glamour one-for-one to increase non-Contract occult rolls (but may not split this spend over multiple turns).

That’s it for today, tomorrow I will look at entitlements.



GST Lost

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