Addenda Blog: Basics

Feedback on Kiths and Seemings

I am considering dropping the Dot cost of In-Seeming Kiths to 1 Dot, so that In-Seeming Dual Kiths can start with Wyrd 3. Please vote at the bottom of this page.

Romancer was missing from the kith list. It is in play at local approval.

Fatemaker is not approved for play.


This list supplements the list that is available at Universal.

Optional material in these books is not considered to be in play unless explicitly stated.

Some material will be considered ‘Secret’, this will be covered in later blogs

The following are sanctioned for play

  • Changeling:The Lost (CtL)
  • Rites of Spring (RoS)
  • Lords of Summer (LoS)
  • Winter Masques (WM)
  • Autumn Nightmares (AN)
  • Swords at Dawn (SaD)
  • Dancers in the Dusk (DitD)
  • Equinox Road (ER)
  • Goblin Markets (GM)

The following we have extracted elements from but should not be considered canon

  • Victorian Lost
  • Night Horrors: Grim Fears


The following are appropriate characters in Changeling: the Lost

Changeling – Local Approval

Fae-Touched (Lesser Template : ER 106) – Genre Notification

Enchanted (Permanently Enscorcelled : ER 107) – Genre Notification

When your character was taken

Not approved – Changelings taken before 1750

Genre approval – Changelings taken before 1900

Characters age when kidnapped

There are no restrictions, but characters require a memory of the real world to lead them out of Arcadia.

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Mental age

Players may not play a character whose physical, emotional or mental age is less than 18.


Wyrd 6+ is Genre approval, and gain-in-play only


  • I’d be very much in favour of dropping the in-Seeming Dual Kith down to 1 dot, if it’s going to be character creation only. The amount of XP that buying Wyrd 3 with starting Merit dots effectively saves is quite substantial, and I think it would be good not to push people into choosing between having an “XP efficient” build and taking characterful options.