Come with me... And you'll be... In a world of true imagination...

Changeling the Lost: Scars of War

In just over a weeks time the new changeling the lost chronicle begins.

We have produced a trailer to help with promoting the new chronicle, and also some text you can use in your advertising.

Changeling the Lost: A game of beautiful madness, trapped between reality and a world that belongs in only the darkest fairy tales, how will you maintain your sanity, when you can never truly go home.

The Isles of Darkness combines urban fantasy with supernatural horror, and then let’s you tell the stories through your actions and decisions. Live action role playing, where we question what it means to be human, where paranoia and fear run through the heart of the game like an itch that can’t be scratched or a sentence that isn’t.

Oh and did I mention you’re playing a character from a fairy tale, or a piece of popular fiction, or adhering to some trope or twisted idea of what you might become if you were kidnapped by the fair folk.

Discover more at the Isles of Darkness website

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