Diocese of Ely – NPCs you should know

Okay so I want to give people an overview of important NPCs that characters should know at the start of play. Obviously as the game premise is one of exploration others will be added and probably quite quickly after we start, but people will likely need to know who is who at the very start.

At the top of the Barony/Diocese we have the rulers:

The Bishops of Ely

Roach – The second eldest of the bishops, Roach is akin to a monk in lifestyle and always has pithy advice, an advisory tale or fable or a pearl of wisdom. He has an intense gaze that can, some say, see into the soul.
When people go to him for counseling he often plays devils advocate and shows people the sequence of consequences that follow from their actions.
Roach is a winter courtier and a beast skitterskulk – looks like a cross between Peter Falk as Columbo and Al from Quantum leap with insectoid qualities.

Zoe Malone – The youngest of the bishops, she is very active socially, is outgoing and takes time to engage and talk to everyone. She listens and understands you, and finds the best approach to talk to you for you.
She especially loves the arts and likes to involve people in things like poetry, music and song, or painting as a way to express their feelings.
She’s also a good session facilitator.
Zoe is a Spring courtier and Fairest Muse.

Rutherford – The oldest Bishop and perhaps the most grumpy, things weren’t like this in their day and age. Full of fear inducing glares and painful home truths you need to hear, tough love, pull yourself together.
But when you need help they listen, and advice flows often hard to swallow but they will move mountains for you.
Autumn courtier Wizened Chatelaine/Mirrorskin

The Fenland Rangers – aka Les Voltigeurs

A motley group of weathered old hedge survivalists, Barons of the lesser ones, Margraves of the brim etc. And ‘The Kid’
They are scouts and hardened warriors able to act on their own or as a unit. Lately they have been involved in training up the recruits for the Cambridge mission

Sweet William – the leader of the group after the former leader drew the lottery for Cambridge duty 5 years back. William has fought hard locally in the deep fens (an area of danger to the barony) and in the war on the Bristol front. The latter cost him an eye and part of his lower jaw.
A nice guy though softly spoken and good to his men.
William is a Summer court Ogre Cyclopean, and Baron of the lesser ones involved in keeping good relationships with the local hob tribes.

The Kid – The newbie of the motley, he has a winning smile boyish good looks and the surest shot you ever did see. He often takes on missions to prove himself and is welcoming of company, he might even ask for it at times.
Spring court fairest who desires adventure.

Their Majesties’ Hedge Guard – aka the Old Guard aka the Grumblers

A motley mostly made up of summer courtiers and the most effective military unit in the three barony area (Cambridgeshire) sworn to the Barony. Strung out and peppered with losses and injuries during the war they still are an impressive sight and run like a tight unit of battle hardened veterans. They have a reputation for straight talking and complaining based on an old edict that allowed them to voice opinions direct to the monarchs circumventing the chain of command.
Whilst this is no longer needed they still find things to grumble about, after all its their name.

Evey – an escapee from an arcadian gulag, Evey is a guerrilla style commando with a reputation for criminal violence and active protest (on environmental issues). Uncompromising and hardened beyond what you might expect to look at her, Evey leads the Guard.
Wizened Soldier/stone bones

Witness – Witness saw crimes happen every day in Arcadia, along with innocent bystanders, never allowed to become more, just see murder after murder, assault after assault. Eventually he said enough.
Watching violence so often teaches you things he says, teaches you how to stand against it and how to use it against others who perpetrate it. Witness started as a vigilante but Evey nurtured his rage and skills. Now he’s as dedicated and skilled as she is.
Elemental – Manikin

Whilst the above would seem to suggest that Ely is very military and summer court dominated nothing could be further from the truth. The Barony has a very religious outlook and the courts here tend towards evangelism of their beliefs. Preachers and Motleys formed around ideals taken to levels of fervour abound. It’s also a sanctuary and refuge for those lost or who have lost their homes in the war or otherwise (hence it is the home for the Cambridge refugees).
For example the winter court in Ely are very much like a religious cult, albeit a very benign one.
NPCs of these will come soon.

Hobs and more about Ely as setting guide to follow in another blog post.