Dreams of Teaching

New DT Action: Craft a teaching dream

Extended action: Intelligence + Empathy + Wyrd.

For each five successes you get in an action you create one teaching dream. You may not use Good Time Management, the Drudge Blessing, or Brownie’s Boon, to extend the number of rolls you get on this action.

When you create a teaching dream, it must be placed in a suitable sleep vessel (created as part of the extended action). Please note what you will be teaching and what your current level in that contract, skill or fighting style is, or the specific specialisation term.

Each dream vessel you craft costs 1 Glamour, which is deducted from your starting total at your next home game (as per the usual rules for spending magical resources in DT).

Learning from a teaching dream:

If your current level of contract, skill or fighting style is lower than that of the dream, or you don’t currently have the specified skill specialisation, then you may absorb the knowledge in the dream. Note this in a separate XP log, called the Dream XP log.

Add 1 XP per dream. You may only add 1XP to your dream log per downtime cycle and it is overcap – i.e. it does not count towards your normal limit of 5XP.

For each contract, skill, skill specialisation or fighting style, you may only have 1 unspent dream XP recorded at any time. For the purposes of this mechanic, treat different types of Fang and Talon, and Elements or Communion contracts separately.

The next time you improve a contract, skill, merit or fighting style, if you have a recorded Dream XP unspent assigned to that purchase, then you must spend that Dream XP to reduce the cost of the purchase.

This does allow you to teach somebody a specific type of Fang and Talon, Elements or Communion contract.

This does not allow you to ignore any other prerequisites for learning that contract, merit, fighting style or skill.

You must spend unspent dream XP if able as part of an XP spend; you cannot ‘bank’ it towards a future purchase.

Dream XP is counted as overcap, and applied as a cost reduction.

You may only gain 1 Dream XP per DT cycle, but it does not take a DT action to add to your log.

You may not teach Goblin Contracts via this method.

Once a dream vessel is used, it is expended.

The following may be taught with this method:
Fighting styles
Universal, Court and Seeming Contracts
Skill Specialisations

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