So I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been doing a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff on the area to be explored and the people etc who are there.
But one thing I did do (inspired by Ross in part) was make a list of entitlements I think are especially thematically suitable for the game, ones I plan to have as NPCs and ones I won’t have at all.

So what don’t I want?
Very short list: no Phantom Tong, Court of solstice or Parliament of Victors. The first two as they tend to be active undermining of structures and I’d like the group to at least at first be fairly dependent on each other. And the Victors don’t fit with game ethic either as they tend to need to be top dog and I think that fits better within a mature structure rather than a developing one.

Particularly suitable entitlements are: Bishopric of Blackbirds, college of worms, Margravate of the brim, sacred band of the golden standard, the toll taker knighthood, magi of the gilded thorn, ancient and accepted order of bridgemasons, barony of the lesser ones, the eternal echoes, guild of the sacred journey, lord sages of the unknown reaches, hedge wardens, squires of the broken bough, twilight gleaners, adjudicators of the wheel and legion of the iron wall.

Now you might think “but I wanted….” Its fine as long as its not on the banned list I’m OK with it, just that entitlements on the suitable list are well better suited to the game as I plan it to be which is exploring the hedge, looking for clues, setting up a barony in a reconquest or resettlement and getting along with the neighbouring NPC baronies and maybe involving yourselves in their intrigue.

Yes I have therefore left some powerful entitlements open for play however they tend to have big requirements for play if you desperately want them then sure go for it.

A little bit on courts.

I’d very much prefer it if the majority of characters were seasonal courtiers that doesn’t mean I’m against the others it just makes things a bit easier for me and game play. Equally if you plan on politically going for baron/baroness or even higher over time then seasonal court probably matters.

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