Keepers -Thoughts and options

So a while back I read some good example True Fae Keepers from Ross (you may guess I really like the background he’s done for the London game) and tried to think of keepers for my game mostly got stumped and felt that for the most part they should be a player driven thing, after all its your durance its about and the impact that has on your PC.

Then I thought well some example ones could be useful maybe for future plot ideas but also as off the shelf keepers for local PCs or inspiration for your own keepers. Also I had some inspiration.

As a reminder I like the game as a horror game and think of this in both psychological horror – personal horror stuff and in more squicky alienness horror ways (which can also play with player psychology)

So for your reading here are my ideas on Keepers.


A hive mind like fae entity, its minions have an unswerving loyalty as they feel that they are part of the whole.
Some researchers at the old colleges wondered whether this was actually true or whether it was some form of token (or an implanted token) or dream invasion, a new contract or pledge or just the title magic of the fae. They were looking for subjects to study to determine this before the barony was lost
Members of the hive often have specialised roles, recruiters, soldiers or workers.
Deep in Arcadia at the heart of the hive are two alien insectoid lovers locked in perpetual sex and mutual cannibalism, they exude waves of love, ecstasy, consumption, death and combat around them as they slowly fall into becoming one being – a being that grows within them both.

New humans are transformed into hive members/changelings by being cocooned with a waxy leathery egg the colour of which is said to determine their seeming when the chrysalis opens. It is debated whether the changeling that results is actually human or as much a copy as the fetch which grows in a nearby pod.

The Ohrwurm (aka the Hum or the Buzz)

An unusual keeper as they have no known visual manifestation merely an audible one.
Those it takes either first hear an annoying hum or low level droning, a high pitched whine or suffer from an infectious song lyric or melody others can’t hear.
“It’s in the god damn ship!” – slowly this erodes their sanity and reality bends for them leading them to the source of the noise and thence to Arcadia.
“The night is dark and full of terrors” its demesne in Arcadia is visually and perhaps physically without form – black and full of noises, pleasant and terrifying – changelings maybe elementals associated with sound darklings associated with the sound of fear, fairest muses or beasts that work by echo location or who might cause fear in people by noise.

The NDs or N-Dimensional creatures

Is it a single fae or many that we have yet to understand?

In some ways a typical alien snatcher fae the NDs also have a distinctive Biological Geiger-esque twist.
They exist beyond the 4 dimensions humans can sense in an N-dimensional space (part of Arcadia but less understandable)
People are classically snatched or fall into their Arcadian hell. They appear as disconnected parts of an unseen whole much like a cartoon strip might see your finger tip if you pressed it to the page.
People are experimented on by “hands” that just appear in mid air. They tend to experiment until exhausted and throw the captive or whatever is left into a dimensional prison cell (disconnected from anything else to human perception)
Or they experiment with a purpose that the changeling may or may not be aware of (if actively working for them) and throw them back to earth.
Presumably to enact their purpose or for the entertainment of the ND.

(Example experiments might be making a disease bomb, someone to farm dreams for them or to poison dreams, a parasitic larvae inside them, or just being able to see through their eyes)
Imagine the most horrid alien biology you can and then make it unfathomable and squicky.

(Yeah I like SciFi tropes my big bad from the last chronicle was a 5th doctor baddie)

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