Let’s post about the Barons Boast

By Precis for the Free Press.

OOC: This document relates to the game for Saturday night at the IOD Winter National 2016.

We’ve all heard the advert on Radio Free Fae, but what do we know about this entitlement calling itself the boasting Barons of Munchmausen.

Hailing from the area near Hannover, the Rat Barons, as they are known, are toastmasters, and claim heritage from legendary figures of the past. The Pied Piper, Baron Rudolph Gottfried von Munchmausen and the Big Bad Wolf.

But they could just be making it all up. Getting a straight answer out of them was incredibly difficult for our reporters.

They are masters of lies and deceit, and hold regular competitions to determine the greatest and most flamboyant liar amongst them.

They seem to all be members of the Dusk court, and they have made a sport out of its ancient boasting custom.

Here’s our quick skinny on what we can expect on the night:

The game is played according to Munchhausen Rules, the Parsons variant.

Each player starts the tournament with 7 coins.

In each battle two players face each other head-to-head.

The players take it in turn to speak, using a coin to decide who gets the choice to go first.

Both players wager one coin in order to ‘seed the pot’.

You have one minute to speak, the story doesn’t have to be truthful but it does have to be interesting.

While a player is speaking, telling their tale, the other player may interrupt to inject a new detail into your boast which you must incorporate, at which point the speaker ‘wagers’ a number of coins (at least 1) and their opponent must match. During the interruption, the timer is stopped and started again when the tale continues.

This new detail must be relevant and make logical sense, “But Baron didn’t you die?” Would be considered a fault, in which case the questioner must wager one of their own coins, but the speaker doesn’t need to wager anything.

At the end of both boasts, the judge will decide who has boasted the best, based on ability to spin a yarn for a full minute, how exciting that yarn was, and how well it was told.

The winner then collects all the wagered coins. Ready for their next match. Recorded in the boasting ledger by the boastmaster.

Coins are not transferable.

The winner of the Boast, is the person who by the end of the evening, has the most coins.


The judge can be influenced and has a list of things that will influence him. So feel free to try any number of tricks on him.

We will be providing a whole list of one-line openers for people if you have trouble coming up with a good start.

The contest is designed to be free-form so that people can come and go from away missions without missing out.

Although it forms part of the premise, participation in the Boast is optional, or you can be considered to have been knocked out in earlier duels if you would prefer.

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  • Hannover, regal Saxon setting,
    And the city don’t know what the city is getting,
    The creme de la creme of the boasting world,
    In a show with everything but Mornington Crescent.