London Domain Timetable and Calendar

This is an update to let everyone know the dates/times/locations of our games.

The games will run on the first Saturday of the month (unless otherwise announced) and the timetable is:

  • 12:15-3:15 – Mage: the Awakening
    • STs: Alistair Grove and Mike Horton (
  • 3:45-6:45 – Werewolf: the Forsaken
    • ST: Matt Keymer  (
  • 7:30-10:30 – Changeling: the Lost
    • ST: Ross Howard (
Games will be £2 each, or £5 for all 3. STing and NPCing will be free.
Our standard location is the William Blake, on Old Street (
Calendar for the rest of the year:

6th June – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost ALTERNATE location – the Green Man, on Great Portland Street (
19th-22nd June – IOD Summer National*
4th July – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
1st August – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
28th-30th August – IOD Awakening Weekender*
5th September – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
16th-18th October – IOD Lost Weekender*
3rd October – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
7th November – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
5th December – Awakening/Forsaken/Lost (The William Blake)
22nd December – Requiem

*For other National Events, go to the Events Page of the IoD Wiki
For more details, contact the DC London on:

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