Lost Addenda rules update

It’s been a busy time on the lost rules team, but we think we’re ready to do our first update to the published rules. It’s just with the proof-reader now, and I aim to get it out tomorrow evening, to whet your appetites here is the change log:

Just bear in mind that it might change between now and then.

Retainer (enchanted)
With the changes to the Retainer rules, we looked at the Enchanted Sub-template, and we decided that this is a free upgrade available to your retainers, rather than it costing a dot. With that in mind we also looked at the Fae-Touched sub-template.

We looked at the Fae-Touched at the same time, partly in order to examine why we get Ghouls and Wolfblood etc, but no characters as far as we know are currently fae-touched.
The answer to this is pretty much in the mechanics of the Fae-Touched, they’re poorly known and understood, and they get a lot of the drawbacks of a changeling without a lot to balance them out.
We’ve substantially overhauled this sub-template, so have a look at the changes that we’ve made.

Retainer (fae-touched)
We need to examine the actual effects of being a fae-touched Retainer and these have been updated too., they automatically are ensorcelled, and have 1 wyrd for effects that care about wyrd, you may select a Seeming (but not a kith) for your retainer, and the retainer may make vows on your behalf, though it should be noted that if you have a retainer make a vow, and then the retainer breaks that vow, that you will suffer a social stigma, not as bad as if you had become an oath-breaker yourself,

Retainer (hobgoblin)
Hobgoblins may be taken as retainers (as before), they have to cost 2 dots as a supernatural creature, otherwise they are built (sensibly) as any other retainer. Their supernatural nature grants one weird and wonderful ‘quirky’ ability agreed between you and your LST.

Hedgebeast companion
The change to hedgebeast companion is that these rules now reflect the splitting of animal retainers into a new pet merit, which is slightly confusing as Changeling already contains a pet merit, it is referred to here as the Universal Pet merit.

Versatile was redundant following the retainer changes.

On the balance of probabilities, it was decided to remove this from the game because the drawbacks were too limited compared to the abilities granted, and increasing the drawbacks didn’t properly compensate the abilities in a live game.

Token Limbs
These are not available to purchase with XP or by crafting, but might be gained in play by a variety of routes, the important thing to note is that the contract gained is determined by the the ST not the players.

Venombite and Blightbent
It was discovered that there’s not one rule for all toxicity in this new chronicle so we’ve had to look at these kith blessings.

Contracts of Reflection
A few tweaks to make the power level of this contract commensurate with other contracts

Goblin Fruit

More Fruit
Hoarflakes and Bottlevoice have been added to the list of available goblin fruit. With some nods to them not being universally available, as they must have been gathered from mountainous or pelagic hedge biomes.

Preserved or cooked fruit must be kept in a hollow or carried, it cannot be stored somewhere nearby for easy access.
There is no limit to the amount of fruit that can be stored in a hollow.
New research allows hedgefruit to be preserved in a form similar to a pill in addition to other forms such as jams or dried.

New crafting options
We’ve added a new section to the crafting document on cooking, brewing and creating drugs from hedge fruit.

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  • Is there any clarification on what Chameleonic and Unpleasent Aura for fae mounts do? As they are not listed under the Fae-mount merit or in the settings document ^_^