Lost – National Premise Saturday Night

*An advert carried by Radio Free Fae nationwide*


The nights are long, the wind bites and the rain is bitterly cold.

So come and join us for a night of boasting and adventure around a roaring fireplace.


My name is Baron Garmr, high priest of the Twilight Minster. I and my followers stand on the brink of darkness, so we speak with the utmost authority on matters for heroes.


Come join us in a Boast – Munchausen rules, to the victor the spoils. I have an item that might interest you, seized from cold dead hands. In my youth I went on the greatest of hunts and claimed the Shield of Pellinore, and now fate has decreed that I must give it up.


I shall boast of the story for your entertainment if you like, for such is the way of the Boasting Barons of Munchausen. If you don’t think you’re up for a bit of boasting, then get out!

I jest. If boasting alone does not interest you, then what about the chance for a new adventure?

Such a challenge awaits you in the halls of the Shadow Foundry in the Umbral Dale. My personal soothsayer, Fateblind Stryx tells me that I and my fellows are not the ones to undertake this quest and must leave it in the hands of the Seasons.


Our camp is not far away from the foundry, in a farmhouse just outside Summerbridge in the Nidderdale. We will be inviting the bravest, the wisest and the most cunning to step into its hallways and return its dusty hollows to working condition.

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If that alone is not portentous enough to whet your appetite, then let us speak of dragons. The factory is currently claimed by Astakuk, from the brood of Hurstir the Blue. I’m sure by the end of the evening somebody will get to boast about how they challenged and bested the beast in a battle of wits or display of grandiose might.

What more could you ask for?