Starting thoughts


So a couple of weekends back I told people at my local Isle of Darkness Changeling the Lost game about the setting ideas I’d had for the coming new Chronicle in the IOD.
And well I thought I’d start to set out those thoughts for people to have a look at, and hopefully get enthusiastic about.

So today I was going to set out the very basics of my setting idea and then push forward from there as I manage it.

Cambridgeshire is within a freehold (as yet to be decided by the national storytellers) and nominally has three Baronies.

Huntingdonshire Assizes- a very formal court like barony led by wealthy Spring courtiers, with a strong Winter court backing. Legalistic in nature.

The ship of the Fens, The Diocese of Ely,(Comprising of Ely and the Fenland areas) – a Barony ruled by three Blackbird Bishops in unison. Partially devoted to matters spiritual and psychological and partially devoted to scouting and watching the wild fen areas of the hedge and defending from what can come out of them.
A good court mixed make up possible more summer than elsewhere but not in charge (more Nights Watch)

Cambridge – Formerly a barony of major academic learning and knowledge. Ten years ago or there abouts three winter courtiers fled the barony for Ely, driven mad by some horror. Since then every year Ely sends in a volunteer scouting party. Every year the scouts either don’t come back or come back insane. The name given for this was The Incursion.
Except six months ago the scouts came back. Alive and well.

The scouts were tested every way they were fine, the incursion was over. However the area was reportedly still dangerous – the hedge had gone wild and bands of loyalists and privateers worked unfettered by the free courts of the Lost.
And no one knew what the incursion was or what caused it.

The Monarchs of the freehold listened to the petition of the Diocese and have agreed to attempt a permanent resettlement.

A section of the Fenland Rangers known as “les Voltigeurs” is planned to be sent, volunteers are asked to put themselves forwards and form Motleys, Baronies of the freehold are also asked to consider the punishment of service in a penal motley which will also sent as a punishment for serious offences.

Form up and initial scouting will be in/from Ely sometime in Spring
With a full campaign to begin in Summer.

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