Storyteller Appreciation Day

Storytelling – it’s not an easy job and it’s not always a very positive one, it’s impossible to please everyone though. But they try anyway and we have to love them for it.

Most Storytellers put a stupid amount of work, creativity, energy, thought and time into running these games, which we all do love or we wouldn’t spend so much time playing them.

It can often be that people who are happy with a game react by just cracking on, doing DTs, making plans for their characters, doing scenes between each other or just chatting amongst themselves, so it can sometimes seem that only responses ST get directly are the incidents where people who maybe aren’t so happy.

To counteract this we have decided to revive Storyteller Appreciation day – on the 1st of September each year.

What we would like is for everyone to find the time on the day to say something nice to an ST whose games or efforts you have appreciated. Send them an e mail telling them that you liked their game. Post up something on social media about the lovely things that STs do. Bake them a cake, or send them some cookies. Give them an electronic chest bump, just be excellent to each other dudes.