Wiltshire Lost: Setting

Wiltshire Lost will be starting this Saturday 11th April.  If you’re keen on joining us, see below for a taste of the setting.


For each character, there is something bigger, a reason they meet with others. Maybe an overriding sense of duty, personal gain, a lust for adventure. Maybe they are new in town, yet to be jaded. Maybe something has jolted them out of their clique. Maybe they have never liked the isolationist tendencies of the locals. Whatever it is, they aren’t the typical resident.

They may be newly out of the hedge, brought in before they see another way of doing things. They may have been around a long time, perhaps alone, perhaps with others.

However much experience they have, they are working towards the same goal – some kind of organisation or protection from the Fae.

Large pockets of reformers now hold sway in Swindon, with another, smaller group beginning to form in Chippenham. Both groups have been targeting Lost in Devizes, trying to recruit and persuade them to their way of thinking. However, not all is well – each group has its own vision of how things should be run and the two don’t mix. Leaders in each group have ideas about how to tackle it, but what is clear to both is that unless the two groups can work together (or persuade the other to their way of thinking) then all the hard-won structure will never provide the kind of life they are trying to build for themselves.


Wiltshire Lost is set in the towns of North Wiltshire.


Swindon (and Royal Wootton Bassett) has adopted a very traditional organisation. A small council and a leader drive the agenda forward with vision.


Chippenham (and Calne) has taken a very democratic approach. A regular moot enables everyone to have a voice.


Devizes is a goal for both groups as it is seen as a gateway to the markets of Marlborough


Marlborough is an ancient market town. Even in the Hedge the Savernake area is a rich source of fruits and oddments and the market is largely independent and military in defence of its stores and riches.


The Hedge between each town is thick – the isolationist history has led to very little cultivation and clearing, and a few trods between big towns is all that makes the Hedge navigable to most. Those with expertise know the places to obtain fruits and oddments, and some have learned to identify the strange beasts that inhabit the area.

The richest pickings in the Wiltshire hedge are found in the Marlborough area, and this is closely guarded by the Market. For most Lost, hedge fruit are obtained through trade, and access to the market is tightly controlled.

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