Devon Lost pitch

Devon is a dark county, it’s only barony is the shining light of Exeter, a beacon against the darkness that lies beyond. In the hedge a permanent fog swirls across the hedge and strange beasts invade from it’s jurassic coastline. Villages and villagers turn their backs to you, wilfully ignorant of or blind to the forces of the fae that work among them, they have driven out the young and created a true country for old men and women.

In the west is the brooding baronies of Cornwall, led by their insane monarch, and to the north lies the corrupted legions of welsh loyalists.

Three years ago the changelings of Devonshire stopped coming to outside meetings, they withdrew themselves and communication from the county slowly dried up. Those who have scouted have said that even Radio Free Fae no longer has a place here, the airwaves filled with a strange crackling distortion to the ears of changelings. The barony of Exeter has all but fallen now and they have decided that enough is enough, they have drawn the line in the sand, and they have sent forth a clarion call to the changelings of the UK to help them in finding their lost brethren and sistren.’

The setting:

Devonshire is wild and rural, Dartmoor extends for much of it’s length, and it is the only county to have two coast lines, both this feeling of scale and isolation, the ageing population and the lack of proper infrastructure, but also this feeling of wild abandon and exultation at the beauty of it’s undisturbed landscape.

The mood:

Dark brooding mystery, and wild adventure in equal parts.

Expect horror, and monsters, but also exploration and reclamation, you’re here to turn the tide, and that will be the general direction of the game.

I want there to be moments when you win, and it’s a good moment, but there will also be times when you lose, perhaps not physically but in your heart or your head.

The theme (or what character should I bring to the party):

This is an excellent game for people who want to play an investigator or an explorer, combat characters will have plenty to do, but it’s not the focus of the game. Social characters might struggle to find sufficient meat in the plots, but on the other hand, the cosmopolitan nature of any online game means that a good manipulator or leader, might be able to wheel and deal, or put together the right group for any challenge.

Please bring characters that want to go out and find things out, that are driven in some direction or another, this is not a good game for the shut-in or the super paranoid.

The general premise:

Like a travelling circus, the group will meet up across devonshire, as hotspots of activity emerge. These will be initially NPC led, but I envisage that overtime the NPC roles will be supplanted with PCs.

How the Barony will be structured:

Let’s discuss this, I have ideas, but the movers and shakers of the domain will largely define how the barony has evolved. I imagine, it has a leadership that is mostly concerned with very local issues, which is why the players will be adventuring forth.

My Game style:

If we can do it in uptime then I will, I will promise to run one main game a month, and at least one semi-soft game a month, during these semi-soft sessions, I will be available but not actively running any plots. These semi-soft games are primarily pitched at travellers, and will mostly consist of social events, These will be based in exeter and deal with internal politics and offer a pause for players to discuss what is going on. I will work with the national team and the other STs to make sure that Exeter is an easily accessible location for travellers.