Norwich Lost Introduction: The Watchtower Over the Water

Once Upon a time, the Old Gods promised to return their mountains and clouds, so long as they made a promise- “harm me not”- with everything in the Midrealm. Every stone and element, plant and beast promised, except for man…

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Scotland Character Generation

Hello All! Hot on the heels of the Requiem Character genning session, the Scotland Domain are hosting a Character Generation Session for the Lost, Forsaken and Awakening genres. The exact format is TBC, but if you have any ideas, backgrounds…

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Wiltshire Lost: Setting

Wiltshire Lost will be starting this Saturday 11th April.  If you’re keen on joining us, see below for a taste of the setting. Setting For each character, there is something bigger, a reason they meet with others. Maybe an overriding sense…

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Devon Lost pitch

Devon is a dark county, it’s only barony is the shining light of Exeter, a beacon against the darkness that lies beyond. In the hedge a permanent fog swirls across the hedge and strange beasts invade from it’s jurassic coastline….

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Addenda Blog: Kiths and Seemings

I should start with something like approved book lists and character ages and more basic , but I thought to whet the appetite of the IOD community that I would start with Kiths and Seemings. Seemings I’ve had some calls…

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