Requiem Clan Status Update

So, there’s been some discussion of Clan Status in a number of places recently, so we GSTs have had a bit of a look at the system.  Below, we’re going to set out why the system was set up as it is, and a couple of options we plan to make available to the players now.  If you don’t want to know that, you can skip to the bottom, with the simple appendix changes

During the Reset Process, back in 2014-15, Status was one of the areas which had the most discussion.  After looking at a number of options, ranging from No Status to buy with XP, the current system was decided upon, both by the Reset Team and feedback from members.  When writing it, our aim was to create something that was absolutely objective, relatively straightforward locally up to level three and kind of symmetrical between the different Clans.

The various acts that we chose were inspired by the stereotypes of the Clans given in the Core and Clan books.

  • Mastering the abilities of the Clan. 5 dots was chosen so that complete Mastery of 1 discipline was sufficient.
  • Being a Clan representative.  This seemed a no-brainer.
  • [Something involving Merits]. Each Clan has a dot that can be gained basically through the purchase of merits.  These represent noteworthy accomplishments outside of Kindred politics.
  • [Position in the City]. We specifically set these up so that each Clan had one appropriate position and only one position.  The idea was to encourage all players to be interested in Local Domain politics.
  • [Socialising]. Basically, the final act is just a flavoured-up way of saying “Post something on your Clan list.” As an encouragement for use of the national lists.
  • [Unworthy acts]. These were the most difficult and are the one which we are most open to changing radically.

At the first National, it turned out that we’d managed to break the Invictus status rules, so a mechanic was added to allow character groups to agree to change their own rules with majority PC support.

It has been noticed after playing for a while that with only 5 options, this makes Clan status very like a railroad.  This is actually quite valid.  For this reason we are going to create an extra Worthy Act slot for each Clan, that they can discuss on their lists to let them add something new.  For balance, we’ll also create an empty Unworthy Act slot for each Clan to use as they see fit.  We would like these to be entirely objective things about characters for Clan Status, so please avoid things like “Known to have …” or “Has support of blah% …”.

There has been some comment that some of the qualifying acts are too easy: that many discipline dots or merits is trivial with the XP we have; clan reps are 2-a-penny with the game sizes we have.  Rather than making an executive decision again, we’ll do a quick poll of the Requiem players to ask their opinion.

Status Appendix changes

  • Each Clan has a new Worthy Act slot to fill as per that clan’s players’ choice
  • Each Clan has a new Unworthy Act slot to fill as per that clan’s players’ choice
  • Poll for numbers on existing acts.
  • We’ll answer any questions about the choices we made

Roderick & Rick

GSTs Requiem

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