Scotland Awakening – Premise and Information

From the Scotland Awakening LST:

Since the Wars of Independence in the 1300s Scotland has had a Scales of Alethia style Consilium structure. This structure, has involved Diamond, Seer and Brilu sitting in the same consiium, on the same council. The Consillium has occasionally fallen apart, had massive tears ripped in it, but it has held.

For any who have visited, avoiding the other side is simple. The general atmosphere has been one of tense peace (think 1970s USSR and USA sitting at the same table on the same side). There is a joint council chambers with records, and members of the consilium sit on the same council with followers of the Exarchs. Rumours are about that both sides still fight each other, but using other agents (Again, USSR vs. USA via the medium of Korea and Vietnam). There have been some big cases in the past where someone was caught and the punishment has always been harsh.

In the past 10 years rumours came out about the Consillium having trouble again, and a direct attack happening sometime in 2012. The Consilium has not functioned as a Consilium since then, but things are being brought back together.


When the Council chambers were cut off and the members of the Consilium attacked, no one knew what happened. Now after 2 years of waiting, watching and being separated things have changed.

A message has gone out to all who are in the area. The walls around the council chambers have been breached and access returned. The Consilium that was is being called to decide where they go next and in what form.  Do you which to continue to attempt to ally with the Seers? Will the Free Council ever be acknowledged? Who broke the Council and attacked the Consillium so effectively? All these questions are up in the air to be answered.


If you’re interested in playing, then please email the Scotland Awakening LST on:

Come to the Character Generation Session on April 25th, from 11am, in the RAF Club, Edinburgh (

Our first game is on May 30th, in the RAF Club, from 11am.

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