Scotland Domain Timetable and Calendar

Hello all,
Just a quick update to let you know the timetable of events for the Scotland Domain.
For the Saturday Day games, our timetable is:

Changeling: The Lost. 1200 to 1500
Werewolf: The Forsaken. 1530 to 1830
Mage: The Awakening. 1930 to 2230

For Vampire: The Requiem on the Tuesday nights, we’ll have:
Doors open at 1900
Time in at 1930
Wrapped up by 2300.


And now, here’s the Calendar for the games we’re running:

30th May – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
2nd June – Requiem
19th-22nd June – IOD Summer National*
27th June – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
30th June – Requiem
18th July – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
21st July – Requiem
22nd August – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
25th August – Requiem
28th-30th August – IOD Awakening Weekender*
26th September – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
29th September – Requiem
16th-18th October – IOD Lost Weekender*
24th October – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
27th October – Requiem
November – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
1st December – Requiem
19th December – Lost/Forsaken/Awakening
22nd December – Requiem

*For other National Events, go to the Events Page of the IoD Wiki
For more details, contact the DC Scotland on:


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