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From the Scotland Forsaken LST:

The Kingdom of the Scots – also known as Antonine Kingdom, or the Kingdom between the Walls – has existed since the Roman Empire first marched its troops this far north. Perhaps even earlier, if you believe some of the legends.

This proud nation of werewolves lost its independence to neither armies, nor money, but to the personal prowess of Harold Peacebringer. The defeat of James Warden, King of the Scots in single combat with the Wolf King announced a golden age for Scotland. An intact and – by werewolf standards – peaceful kingdom was of incalculable value to the Wolf King.

Nothing lasts forever, though. When Harold Peacebringer died of old age in 2012, his kingdom was broken apart. In his will he left ‘the north’ to his trusted lieutenant Morwen Stormcrow, the youngest and brightest of the still-living family members of James Warden. That kingdom stands to this day, without a Queen. Morwen holds court before the empty throne and refuses to wear the crown of Scotland.

After the death of Harold, the werewolves in northern England began to assault the Pure and threaten ancient treaties. At the urging of the traditionalist packs, Morwen launched an ill-conceived invasion down to the old line of the wall, with the support of the wall spirit and most of the populace. Scotland was not ready to expand, however, and wasted many resources and lives trying to hold territory it could not. Eventually, Morwen’s troops were forced back to the line where the spirit of the wall now stands.

Now the knives are out. The young look to the old with greedy eyes, and the rise of Scottish independence has already begun to reopen old wounds. With none able to claim the title of King of Scots, the independence referendum almost came to open war among the Forsaken as old families sought to reassert their powers and the ancient bloodlines turned on the lines of merit – each seeking to prove themselves worthy of the most-lauded title.

The Scottish Forsaken game is a game of wolves, of politics, of occult intrigue and investigation. It is set in an age when a civilisation may be either dying or entering a rebirth. The exact outcome will depend upon the actions of the player characters. It notably deviates from a number of elements in the Forsaken core source material, changing attitudes of territoriality and localism and incorporating them into a wider political structure more suited to LARP play. It is a game about conflict within an established framework and about playing the rulers of a kingdom hounded on all sides by threats, rather than a game about playing the underdogs.

Characters and packs will all be asked to define strengths and weaknesses at character creation and these will be used to fit individuals into the webs of obligation that keep people bound together – where as one pack might excel at dealing with the undead who plague the lands, they may need help negotiating with spirits or in real-world resources. It is these ties which keep the Kingdom functioning and make for good gameplay.

Come along to the Character Generation Session on April 25th, from 11am, at the RAF Club, Edinburgh ( to make a werewolf, and find a pack. Our first game is on May 30th, time TBC, at the RAF Club.

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