Scotland July Game Premise(s) and Timings

Hello all!

After a discussion with the STs, we’re looking at starting 15 minutes early on Saturday (18th), to give us a 45 minute break between the end of Lost and the beginning of Forsaken. This means that Lost will start at 11.45, not 12 noon. Every other game will start and finish as usual (Forsaken starting at 15.30, Awakening at 19.30).


Please find the Awakening Game Premise below:

Dear All,

It is my destiny to be removed from the board by the players of the dance of illusion and misdirection that catches all of the Awakened here. The date of my fate is near at hand and I desire company on my final day, I wish to see the game pieces being moved before it becomes impossible for me to observe. Come join me and let me watch?

I’ve set up a place for us in the chambers. 


OC: For those that have been around a while. Alkira is a Acanthus who has often spoken in nothing but prophecy (some right, some nonsense). She is an unusual Apostate in that she has shown no leanings to either side of the game.


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