Scotland May Games

Hello All!

Just a reminder that the May Games for Scotland are being held on the 30th of May (for Lost, Forsaken and Awakening) and the Tuesday after for Requiem (That’s June 2nd).

On Saturday, we’re opening doors at 11am, with Time In for Lost at 12noon, Time In for Forsaken at 1530 and Time In for Awakening at 1930.
For Requiem, it’ll be doors open at 1900, for Time In at 1930.

Games are at the RAF Club in Edinburgh ( )

If you’re interested in helping out NPC, or provide Assistant Local Storytelling Support, that would be amazing, and the STs would love to hear from you.



And finally, Here’s the Premise for the Awakening Game:

Game Stuff:

When the Council chambers were cut off and the members of the Consillium attacked, no one knew what happened. Now after 2 years of waiting, watching and being separated things have changed.

A message has gone out to all who are in the area. The walls around the council chambers have been breached and access returned. The Consillium that was is being called to decide where they go next and in what form.  Do you which to continue to attempt to allie with the Seers? Will the Free Council ever be acknowledged? Who broke the Council and attacked the Consillium so effectively? All these questions are up in the air to be answered.


IC Invite:

The wards are ready to be brought down to the Council Chambers, we’ll all be there to bring them down. We are asking everyones help to finish the ritual and then see what is inside. At the very least, see what happened to Voijin and the Coinneach.

The old Herald.

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