Scotland Requiem – First Game Preparation

From the Requiem LST:
Hi everyone,
 So, our first game’s in just under a fortnight.  Next week (either Tuesday or Thursday), I’d like to send out plot seeds and hooks to people, with what they know about the city.
To do that, I’ll need a background (and character sheet, if at all possible).  I realise that I spoke to a lot of people at the creation session about their characters, but I can’t remember everything, and will need to rely on what has been sent to the ST inbox.
If you haven’t sent anything to me, please do so at:
If you want a little more info, here’s a teaser pitch:
During the Fall of the Monarchy, a vicious war broke out between the kindred of the former domain of Leith and the domain of Edinburgh.  With the release of hungry Morbus onto the streets of the city, a line was crossed that brought the kindred population to the attention of a group of Hunters.  Over the course of two days, the vampires were virtually wiped out and the survivors fled.

Some years later a group of kindred (made up of survivors, opportunists, thrill-seekers and a few others) have pooled their resources sufficiently to purchase Donaldson’s College as a shared safe haven.  From here, they plan to once more infiltrate the city, recover what has been lost and retake the strings to puppet the rulers.
The game will be set as the various groups arrive in their new home.  Many questions remain, however.  Who is going to be in charge?  What will the laws be?  Who gets to sleep where?  What are the first steps of the reconquista?
Come along and find out, or maybe even decide the answer yourself!

When: Tuesday 28th April 2015

What time: 7pm, for a 7.30pm start

Where: The RAF Club, 11 Hillside Crescent, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh EH7 5EA (

Who: Email the Scotland Requiem LST for more information:


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