April 2015 State of the Society


The new chronicle is now officially begun!
Thank yous
  • As they’re now officially finished with their jobs, we’d like to pause and thank all the ANSTs and other volunteers who helped finish the previous chronicle, as well as the reset teams who’ve worked so hard on the new one. You’ve all worked very hard and we appreciate it.
  • Next, we’d like to thank the STs, settings and web teams who are working so hard to get everything up and running. It’s a lot of work and we’ve not getting everything where we’d like it – but we’ve got a lot in place.  Thank you to the local STs who’ve been working with the National teams to make a joined-up chronicle.
  • Thank you also to all the players, volunteers and non-volunteers alike – the sheer enthusiasm we’re seeing is really exciting. We do appreciate you bearing with all the volunteers – they are volunteers, fitting a lot of work in around their real lives. That means we aren’t always able to have new material as soon as we’d like – but we are working on it and appreciate your patience.
June National
We have a countdown! http://bit.ly/1P7ezsn
We are just under 7 weeks to our National and 50% of places to stay onsite have been booked. If you are planning to go please book as soon as possible. It really helps us plan the weekend, and really helps the STs plan their games. Don’t forget, for pre-registering early you will get a discount on what is already a very cheap weekend.
If you have already pre-regged, you are awesome. Please make sure everyone knows how awesome you are, and spread the word. Especially if you have named people you would like to share with; please ask/encourage them to pre-reg as well. Otherwise they may miss out, and you may end up with people you would rather not share with.
Also, volunteers are in short supply. If you think you could help for a couple hours and haven’t already volunteered, please get in touch. Please have a look at the website, as I have put up some specific roles. The aim is to make jobs/tasks clearer so that we can get through set-up/tear down/sign in/room allocation as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying yourselves sooner.
Time scale to the event
So as I have said, just under 7 weeks to the actual National
Just under 5 weeks to pre-register and get your discount (assuming it doesn’t sell out first 🙂 )
Volunteers – those who have offered to help out, two weeks before the event the ANC Events will be in touch with timings/specific jobs etc.
Props etc- if you have volunteered any items, the ANC Events will be in touch approx two weeks before the event to ask you to bring items you have listed. At this time, the ST’s will also be made aware of the items you have offered, and they may individually contact you to ask for specific items.
There will be an all-call for NPCs and STs for the June National. In particular:
  1. Forsaken – could use more NPCs
  2. Lost – could use more NPCs
  3. Requiem – could use more STs
Other events
We have an Awakening Weekender and a Lost Weekender this year, in August and October.
Next year, we will have a Winter National in February, a Requiem Weekender, a Summer National, and a Forsaken Weekender, all of which are either booked or about to be booked.
In 2017 we will be back in Scotland. A couple venues have already been identified to maximize games, and reduce costs for you all.
More details to follow on all of these events.
Last thing from ANC Events 
I really would appreciate any feedback going forward on any events, this one or the future events. Please send them to me directly, or mention me on your post. Every so often I find a comment by chance when it is already too late to anything about it.
We’ve been asked to remind people about interacting with volunteers who are working in all capacities towards the New Chronicle – we’re all learning on the go, we certainly don’t have all the answers – or if we do we may not have them off the top of our heads, so please bear that in mind and cut them some slack if you find yourself getting upset or frustrated about something. Thank you.

Rules/addenda notes
Book v addenda rules
We’ve had a few queries about this so we’d like to state categorically that if there is no addenda ruling on an area you should use the rules in the tabletop book. The addenda will generally not reiterate these rules, as they can be found in the source material. If you’re uncertain how to interpret a rule, you should absolutely contact the GST or UST where relevant. In the meantime, please following the ruling of the presiding ST.
Sheet amnesty
As people will be aware, not all the addenda are available yet. Additionally, we expect there to be tweaks and updates for the first couple of months, as people highlight areas that are missing or don’t work quite as planned.
Therefore all players will be able to alter their character sheets for the first 3 months, with LST approval. We expect this to be used responsibly, in keeping with the character concept in question.
The only exception to this is if a PC attacks or kills another PC. In that case the skills/attributes/powers used to do so will become locked and may not be removed or decreased, unless they are specifically removed by the addenda, or altered in a way necessitating this change (e.g. increased approval levels – please consult the GST if in doubt).
 Approvals database
This is in progress but, in the meantime, you should email your LST and any other relevant STs (DST, GST, UST) with the following information:
What you want and where STs can find it (book & page references):
Why you want it:
What it does:
How it fits:
How it might affect the game:

Web team
The web team is working very hard on getting things up and running.
For any questions regarding the new website, including character sheets, approvals database, wikis and mailing lists, please contact the web team – webteam@islesofdarkness.com

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