December 2015 State of the Society

GST Requiem

Kent Requiem will be holding their first game in February – we’d like to offer them a warm welcome!

ANC Events

Winter National

If you haven’t already, please do complete the pre-event form:
The event is Friday, 19 February 2016 – Monday, 22 February 2016 and you can pregister here:
Any questions, please check out the events page ( or contact the ANC Events (
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Hi IoD members…

Since I took over the ANC role in December, and the holiday period is over, I thought it was time to introduce myself, and let you know about what I plan for this role going forward. I’m very open to  feedback and input – via whatever medium works for you, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

So – firstly me. I’m Malcolm Campbell, also known as Calum. Don’t be confused by “which name should I call you” – my father was from a Gaelic speaking family and my mother from an English speaking family, so I’m used to both names. I’m happy with either Malcolm or Calum – I tend to consider Calum as the short form of Malcolm (like Andy might be short for Andrew). I don’t tend to like other shortenings of Malcolm.
I’ve been around LARPs for a long time. This just means I’m old. 🙂

I have a G+ account linked to my official IoD email, which I want to keep for official stuff – so I’ll share ideas I’m working on, ask for input and feedback, etc – I won’t be using this account to read other people’s G+, or comment on them. And I might not respond to comments here on G+ directly, unless I don’t understand your point and want to clarify – becuase I want to listen to all the input I get broadly. I’ll wait and see how that works though.

Specific thoughts about this ANC role, and what I might want to do a bit differently.

  • I think we have the tools and rules we need in the society now to deal with any of the more serious issues that come up. So I don’t currently plan to add any more rules/tools/policies. What I think we’re lacking, is a common understanding of what the positive culture that makes IoD a fun place to play games, and a rewarding place to volunteer, is. So I want to start looking at things from that positive side – I want to draft a couple of articles along the lines of “What should I expect from the IoD as a player”, and “What should I expect from the IoD as a volunteer”. These would focus on good things, although of course that will allow us to say “hey, we’re not being what we want to be in this area..” I want your input on those articles. I want to know what you want to get from the IoD as a member, and as a volunteer. Tell me now, or give me feedback after I write the first drafts, or both. My ears are open.
  • Apart from National issues, DCs are our first line of contact with member issues. I’d like to be engaged more with the DCs. I’ve asked the NC to get a mailing list for all DCs set up, so that I can join it, and start by asking DCs what help they want.
  • I think sometimes people see making a complaint as a really big deal, and it tends to happen when relationships have broken down. Can we help before things get that far? I think we can. If we can get a group of people prepared to act as advocates – then if someone has an issue, they can ask for someone to help them get it resolved – someone not so emotionally invested, who can speak to the DC, ST or other officer for them. Who can understand their perspective and make sure its understood. Volunteers can have advocate support too, if they find it hard to communicate something. If we can help those communications, maybe we can resolve problems earlier. Ultimately, I’d hope we can solve more problems by talking earlier, and less by adjudicating complaints.

So.. let me know what you think?


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