February 2016 State of the Society


Following the responses to the 6 month review, it’s clear to us that the playerbase as a whole likes having a shared continuity, but would like the shared elements to be more prominent. Further to this:
The UST is working on guidelines to make it clearer how local domains can run cross-genre plot elements, in accordance with their local styles.
We’re working on putting together National cross-genre plots. The intention is to create plots that manifest differently in different genres but share themes and causes.
This should help balance the practical problems of STs needing to be able to run independently with their briefs and avoiding issues of lack of balance between genres with the desire to create a shared world.
There are likely to be future events in the same vein as the Blood Moon, with different effects across different genres. We’ll be ensuring LSTs get relevant plot kits with reasonable notice, so please be aware and look out for this information.

Overseas play

As year one of our chronicle draws to a close in the next couple of months, we’re happy with the work we’ve done establishing a UK-focused flavour to the games. With year two the GSTs will start expanding some of their plots to include international locations.

It will be GST approval, UST notification, for PCs or LST-run plots to happen outside the UK or involve characters coming from elsewhere.
That approval will be granted without needing to be requested if it happens in the course of a GST-run plot.
This doesn’t mean LSTs shouldn’t run plots involving visitors coming to their domains from overseas, just that we need to make sure we keep continuity in place. The last thing we want is games with contradictory descriptions of a particular Court/Consilium/Freehold/Protectorate happening in different domains.

ANC Events

Requiem Weekender

This event is coming up on 6-8 May. Pre-registration will open on the 11th of March TBA. There will be a hard limit on this event and there are limited beds. Booking early is advised.

For more details, check out the events page: http://live.islesofdarkness.com/events/2

GST Forsaken

The Forsaken addenda is complete and published on the website: http://live.islesofdarkness.com/files/Forsaken_Addendum.pdf
There will be announcements in the near future about claiming past Renown XP and fetish creation.

GST Lost

The Lost addenda is complete and published on the website:

National XP

For anyone not certain how to claim XP for the National:
– Each game played earns (undercap) XP as normal.
– Each genre played earns 3 overcap XP.
– STs and NPCs may claim XP as though they had played their own characters, rather than volunteered.
– If you do not have a character in the genre for which you volunteered, you may assign the XP to a character of choice as though that character had played the game.
– Volunteers earn 1 volunteer XP per game STed/NPCed for, to be assigned to a character of choice.
– Anyone who wrote games may also claim 1 volunteer XP per game for January.
– Volunteer XP is subject to the normal limit of 3 such XP per month.
– As usual, the first volunteer XP assigned to a CHARACTER each month is overcap. Any other volunteer XP assigned to that character are undercap.
– Arcane XP – an additional 2 overcap Arcane XP may be claimed for the National.
– Per an upcoming addenda update, any Arcane XP earned in previous months but not claimed due to the cap may be claimed in future months (still subject to the standard cap of 2 per month). Such claims should be requested of both the presiding ST and your LST in the month the relevant experience occurs, to allow them to confirm/deny the request while memories are fresh. However, there will be an amnesty for back-claiming for a period of time after the addenda is updated.


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