January 2016 State of the Society

GST Requiem

We’d like to announce the addition of Age XP to be spend on Blood Potency only, gained at the rate of 1xp per month. To be backdated to the start of the chronicle.
This serves two purposes:
  • Firstly to demonstrate the Kindred’s virtue of just waiting and growing in power just by patience. In a tabletop games this is exhibited by the free dot of Blood Potency gained every fifty years.
  • Secondly, it provides balance between the other genres with Arcane XP, Renown XP, and Dream Teaching.

Winter National

This is coming up in less than a week, so everyone should (hopefully) have pre-registered by now. If you haven’t or have  any questions, please contact the ANC Events – events.anc@islesofdarkness.com
You can find event details here: http://live.islesofdarkness.com/events/1
NPC Calls
Several of the games could really use some additional NPC volunteers. If you are able to NPC for any game, please get in touch with the relevant STs:
In particular, these sessions have a particular need for NPCs:
  • Saturday Awakening
  • Sunday Awakening
  • Monday Forsaken

GST Awakening

I’m pleased to announce that Cherrelle Clayton and her team have been elected GST Awakening.
Please give them a bit of time to get up to speed and sort themselves out before sending too many queries!

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