July 2015 State of the Society

ANC Events

Awakening Weekender

We have plenty of spaces to camp at the venue so if you would like to do this, please book asap.

Please also book the BBQ if you wish to take part. We have a hard deadline of the 21st August. Please book before then or you shall miss out.
Clean-up will be Sunday morning before time-in. All glass and alcohol will need to be taken away with you.
We will be having a bonfire. Please bring stuff to burn (not .
And if you haven’t told me your height, please do so, or run the risk of being allocated a short bed.

Lost weekender

Pre-reg will be going up in the next few weeks. For now I am planning this to go up on the weekend of the 21st August.
Final prices have been announced on lists, facebook and G+

Winter National

There will be one in February. Dates are set. I have venue information for ST team when you are ready.


I will be at the Awakening Weekender so not on emails, then I will be completely unavailable from the 30th August until the 18th of September (as I will be on holiday). All event matter need to be resolved before the the28th of August, or wait until after the 18th.
As usual any questions to iodancevents@gmail.com

BW Caroline


GST Requiem

Roderick and Rick have now officially taken over. We’d like to take this time to thank Hannah for all her work.
A message from the new GSTs:
Firstly, the calculations involved in the Feeding rules were expected to be done automatically as part of the character builder.  As an interim measure, there is a calculator here.  You should be able to copy the whole thing into your own spreadsheet.
Secondly, we’d like to get some thoughts from you on what you want from your national requiem GST.  We can’t guarantee to do everything that is asked, but will consider all you send.  If you want to send us some thoughts, here are suggested topics.
What sort of nationally run plot would you like?
Are there any particular Lost Secrets that you are interested in uncovering?
If there was to be a Requiem Weekender, what would you want out of it?
Have you any comments on the Requiem Addendum?
(Please bullet point these to make it easier for us to answer your points)
Is there anything else you want to say?
(Please bullet point these to make it easier for us to answer your points)
Roderick Easton & Rick MacLennan
Requiem GST Team Elect

GM Election

This is just a bit of notice/reminder. We’re intending to request the NC calls the GM election a bit early as we believe it’s important that the new GM be involved in the 6 month review process. Ideally we’d like the election to be finished before November, as we’ll spend that month planning the review ahead of actually carrying it out over the following couple of months.
This may mean a longer than usual handover period, as our term ends in April 2016, but we’ll discuss exactly when we’re stepping down with the new team. Our expectation is that initially they’ll just be working with us on the review and other elements of handover will take place in the new year.
Given all this we want to encourage anyone considering standing to start thinking about it now. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the role. And we really do recommend standing as a team if possible – we’ve found that having a second person is absolutely invaluable.
Pam and Fran

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