June 2015 State of the Society

Message from the Board

A Short Message on Behalf of the IoD Board


Firstly, thank you to all those who stood for the Board elections, all those who voted, and the previous members of the Board.

The four elected members are talking already, and in the process of getting a full handover from the old Board, so we can work out what’s been going on.
What we have decided so far is that Dan Trodden will be our Chair, with Amy Partridge Hicks as his Deputy, and I will be acting as Secretary.
Please bear with us for the time being until we get ourselves up to speed on what has gone before, however if you do need to contact us, we now have access to the email address at theboard@islesofdarkness.com.
Neill Cram
Board Secretary

Volunteer XP

After consultation and confirmation from the Board, we would like to announce the following change to volunteer XP:

  • – The first volunteer XP applied to each CHARACTER in a given month will be overcap.
  • – This will be applied retroactively, to any volunteer XP earned from the start of the chronicle. This must be applied to characters considered to be “in play” at the time the XP was earned. For March and April 2015, such characters include non-Requiem characters who earned the 10XP for starting “on time” as they are considered to have been in play from the start of the chronicle.
  • – XP for planning National games should still be applied the month before
  • – XP for running or NPCing National games should be applied the month of the National
What this means:
  • – You can still earn up to 3 volunteer XP each month
  • – If you apply each volunteer XP to a different character, each of those characters earns it as overcap
  • – If you apply multiple volunteer XP to the same character, the first one is overcap and remaining ones are undercap.
  • – e.g.
    • – Volunteer A earns 3 XP from multiple positions/NPCing/etc. They have 3 characters so give each character 1 overcap XP
    • – Volunteer A earns 3 XP from multiple positions/NPCing/etc. They have 2 characters, so give the first character 1 overcap and the second character 1 overcap and 1 undercap
The aim of this change is to make it possible for most volunteers to benefit from their XP, as very high numbers were capping out and not earning the reward. However we are limiting it to one per character in order to ensure that we don’t have a small number of characters earning XP significantly faster than the rest of the chronicle.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

National XP

We’ve had a few question on this, so we’d like to clarify how this works. If you attended the National or helped plan or run games, you can claim the following XP. Please see above for details of how volunteer XP will now work. It may be applied to any character of choice:
May 2015
  • – 1 volunteer XP per game you helped plan (if you are unsure about your level of contribution, please check with the lead ST)
June 2015
  • – 2XP per game in which you played, NPCed, or STed.
    • – If you NPCed or STed and do not have a character in the genre, you may apply this to a character of your choice
  • – 3 overcap XP per genre in which you played, NPCed or STed
    • – If you NPCed or STed and do not have a character in the genre, you may apply this to a character of your choice
  • – 1 volunteer XP per game in which you NPCed or STed
  • – 1 volunteer XP for substantial C-chain contributions (please check with ANC Events if you think you might qualify)


[Awakening Weekender – volunteer request]

Hello everyone,

We’ve got an Awakening Weekender coming up in less than 2 months (28-30 August, the Bank Holiday weekend in England).
To make this event happen we need volunteers:
  • – Most importantly few more STs, preferably at least 1 or 2 able to volunteer for most of the weekend. To make a really strong event we need to have a core crew who’re aware of the bulk of the plot and on hand to maintain continuity.
  • – NPCs – we’re asking everyone to be prepared to NPC or ST for a session but it would be fantastic to have volunteers willing to do a little more. In addition, the more notice the STs have about who’s coming and what your strengths are, the better. So even if you’re only planning to be available for 1 session, please get in touch.
James Moody is the lead ST, so please contact him (jdmoody@gmail.com) as well as copying in the GST Awakening (awakening.gst@islesofdarkness.com)

GM Election procedure

The Board have confirmed that future GMs will be elected by the membership, as the NC is. The UST will be elected by the DSTs.

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