March 2016 State of the Society

So this is my last State of the Society, as my term ends on 12 April. I want to extend a massive thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the last two years. I’m very proud of everything Fran and I have achieved over the last 2 years, and it couldn’t have happened without huge amounts of work from a wide array of volunteers and players. So thank you.

While we didn’t do everything we’d hoped, overall I think the reset has gone well and there’s a really fantastic level of interest and enthusiasm among the players – for which we have everyone who’s contributed, whether as a volunteer or as a player, to thank.

GM updates

Dan Trodden and Amy Patridge-Hicks will be looking after the GM role while an election is run. They will have full access to the GM inbox and powers, so please support them!
Amy Clarke will be running the GM election – please look out for announcements. If anyone has questions or wants to chat about what the role involves I am happy to do so.

Requiem Weekender

There are still a few places left for the Requiem Weekender (details here:, so please pre-register here if you are interested:

If you are planning to go but want to stay off site, please do drop Caroline an email at, as she is happy to look at block-booking rooms at a nearby hotel, which may save you a bit of money.


There’s new versions of the following addenda now available:

There are some major changes to Retainers, so please work with your STs to update them. Also, please note that that the new rules officially go into effect as of this coming Saturday (relevant for Fighting Style changes, etc.), to give everyone a chance to have a look at them.


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