October 2015 State of the Society


For anyone who hasn’t seen it, please check out this month’s NC blog post: http://blogs.islesofdarkness.com/nc-blog/uncategorized/nc-blog

I am canvassing for volunteers for an equality and diversity panel.  This has been a successful initiative where I work, and I am aiming to replicate it within the IoD.  If you are part of a protected group – black and minority ethnic, LGBT*QIA, women, and (I hate this word) ‘disabled’ – or if you consider yourself an ally, please feel free to volunteer.  The equality and diversity panel will essentially be in place to assist with ensuring that members from protected groups have the best IoD experience possible, and to act as advisers and provide support if any issues arise within the society to help ensure positive outcomes for all concerned.  If you are interested, please email me via nc@islesofdarkness.com


Requiem GST

We’ve made a few updates for the addendum, which we published recently
We’re currently in the process of writing games for the Winter National and Requiem Weekender, and after an enthusiastic response the Winter National will include a session set in 1916 during a Royal Progress by the Monarchy, for which people are welcome to NPC, play their own character if they are old enough, or even play their own older relatives.
We’ve also updated the Requiem Plot Hook page with details of the known Pariahs, for anyone who wishes to do some writing


Forsaken GST

The addenda is almost done.
Writing continues for national and the premise will be out soon.

Awakening GST

Cherrelle has decided to stay in her position for at least another 6 months, so dhe expects to be GST until at least July 2016.


The new version of the addenda was released on the 4th October on the website with all additions and changes highlighted.
I am getting settled in to the position and am going through the inbox backlog as part of the handover period.  I hope to have responded to, or at least acknowledged everything, by the middle of November, and at that time, I will ask if anything is still outstanding, please get in touch and I’ll look into it.

ANC Events

Dates and locations of the next events are:
Winter National : Friday 19th February to Monday the 22nd
YHA Haworth, Longlands Drive, Lees Lane, Haworth, BD22 8RT, United KingdomRequiem Weekender: 6th – 8th May
Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0DFSummer National 2016 : Friday 5th to Monday the  8th August
Juniper Hall Field Centre, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6DAForsaken weekender : Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October
Burwell House, Burwell Cambridgeshire CB25 0EF

I have not published costings yet, but shall do so by Dec SoTS email at the latest.


6 month review

We’ve started our review and are developing a survey, which we should be sending to the membership in a couple of weeks. Please do look out for this! We would really appreciate as many people completing it as possible.
Pam and Fran

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