September 2015 State of the Society

“NOPE” badges

After a successful trial at the Awakening Weekender, we’re introducing “NOPE” badges as a tool for players. If a player is wearing a badge that says “NOPE” they are stating that they do not want to be asked for any form of physical contact. No one is required to wear them but they can be used as one way for players to signal a preference for no contact if it makes them more comfortable.
A player who is wearing a “NOPE” badge may still request/initiate physical contact with others, in line with our consent rules, but you should not request/initiate contact with them.
This is because people may wear badges for all sorts of reasons. For example, someone with a physical illness might find some types of contact painful today. They know which types, so they know what is safe and can therefore initiate contact safely. No one else can be sure, so the badge is there to make it simple and avoid accidentally hurting someone. The same holds true for players wearing “NOPE” badges for emotional, psychological, or any other reason – they will know what, if any, contact is ‘safe’ and would like to warn others not to initiate anything.
The other contact rules remain the same – if it’s more than a handshake, get the other players’ consent in advance. Always respect a “No” in response to a request for contact. Remember that a player may be happy to have contact with one person but not another. If someone has previously given you “ongoing” consent for a particular type of contact, you don’t have to ask every time – but back off immediately if they let you know they’ve changed their mind. If you’re “stunting” – i.e. doing something that looks potentially dangerous – speak to the C-chain in advance.
(With thanks to Cherrelle Clayton, who came up with this idea in the first place)


Awakening – Cherrelle Clayton is planning to stay in her position for at least after the February National and will make a decision in the next few months whether to extend for the full 6 months to July 2016.
Forsaken – Jamie Smith has decided to stay in his position for at least another 6 months, so he expects to be GST until at least June 2016.
Lost – Bob Faulkner has decided to stay in his position for at least another 6 months, so he expects to be GST until at least June 2016.
Thanks to all of them for their work so far!

All-call UST

Kat has decided to step down, pending an election and suitable handover. We’d like to thank her and her team for all their work on getting things up and running.
We’re now opening up an all-call for a new UST. We would strongly recommend planning to run as a team, either jointly or as a UST with one or more aUSTs.
Please send applications to: by Monday 12 October.

ANC Events

Feedback request

I’ve been asked to source venues next year for a weekender. Weekenders are always challenging – finding a cheap venue but one that offers plenty of space isn’t easy, so I wanted to gauge your opinion on a few things.No decisions have been made. I’m simply offering a q for debate.

Please let me know what you consider a reasonable cost for you, given your personal circumstances, would be to pay for a weekender. Assume its location is convenient, it offers small rooms and offers plenty of space for rp and we are catering.

Options are £55 (what we are spending now), £60, £65, £70 or more if the rp was worth it.

Now I realize the last bits rather vague. Feel free to comment or send me your thoughts, or start a +g thread to discuss- just remember to add me so I see it.
Feel free to email me privately if you have thoughts on this at
Some things to consider
The benefits of upping the cost to you are three fold –
with more of the membership paying more we can get more private larger venues, with private rooms. You all request private bedrooms- it simply isn’t possible on current budgets.
Secondly it means I can consider starting a concessionary band which means those of you on lower incomes, not working, etc can have a greater chance of coming to events.
With the this concessionary band of charges, we should gather larger attendance.
More people = more rp. Its a win win, but it will hit some of your wallets harder than others….
As I say – nothing is decided. All I want is to open the floor to you, and see where you are with these ideas.

The Awakening Weekender

was a success on all factors. We made a little, even though we subsidized the BBQ and paid for the campfires. In fact we now can start considering what other props and interactive experiences we can give you for future events.

Future events

We have a Lost weekender coming up. If you haven’t booked please do so asap:

Winter National – Feb next year

Yes we have a NATIONAL next year. Seems a long way away doesn’t it? It isn’t.
With predicted attendance we are looking at a price of £120 the weekend as it is fully catered.
If you have concerns about this, please contact me now so we may discuss.
All the best Caroline

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